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Parkinson's and Alzheimer's today

What happens in the brain when we are aging ? How does neuronal cell death occur when we become forgetful ?  What new therapies are available against the death of brain cells ? These and many other questions are addressed by neuroanatomist Dr L. P. Klimaschewski, MD, in a non-fiction book published by Springer in December 2022. Up-to-date research and therapeutic strategies in the field of aging and neurodegeneration are presented with a focus on Alzheimer's dementia and Parkinson's disease. Written in a concise, easy-to-understand style and illustrated by instructive figures.

Regeneration of peripheral nerves and of the spinal cord

Dr Klimaschewski released another book with Springer in 2024 about the latest research on peripheral nerve regeneration and spinal cord injuries. Why do nerves in the extremities regenerate, but axons in the spinal cord do not ? Can genetically modified stem cells or novel biomaterials enable axonal outgrowth following transplantation ?  Is it possible to use a brain-computer-interface to process signals from the brain cortex to restore muscle functions after spinal cord injury ?  Exciting news from laboratories worldwide on all aspects of axon regeneration presented by an expert in the field.

Doctor Analyzing X-Rays

Lars Peter Klimaschewski MD

Following medical studies at the University of Hamburg Lars P. Klimaschewski began his scientific career at the University of Heidelberg in the Institute of Anatomy and Cell Biology in 1991.  After a post-doctoral fellowship at Columbia University in New York (USA), he became full professor for Neuroanatomy at the Medical University of Innsbruck in Austria in 1999. Dr Klimaschewski is a dedicated teacher (introduction to Neuroanatomy here), researcher and author of more than 100 scientific publications. His work focuses on the cellular and molecular mechanisms of axonal regeneration and neuronal degeneration with particular reference to the fibroblast growth factors and the sprouty proteins in the peripheral and central nervous system.



Dr Klimaschewski addresses questions and comments about his books or blog posts by email. There is no medical consultation, but lectures are offered in the area of education and training on neuronal degeneration and regeneration. If you are interested in email alerts, please register via the link in the menu above.

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